Thank you :( it’s very upsetting and there’s so little the police can do!


I am going out of my mind. It’s 3a.m, and I have been up all night with my doors and windows locked and curtains drawn, pacing the floor with throwing axe in one hand and a hammer in the other because someone has threatened to kill my family- including my baby-girls, and there’s barely anything I can do to protect them short of hiring a body-guard.

The people who have threatened to stab us to death, have stabbed one another, kidnapped people, shot them full with drugs in the boot of their car, and have a list of illegal misdemeanours and some serious ones ten years long… they are extended members of my husband’s family who have a rotten reputation with the police and because they did not like my husband sharing a court report from the newspaper on Facebook, they have attacked my character, are making completely heinous and untrue accusations that I am in a sex tape with one of them which is disgusting and so ridiculous that I’m actually begging them to upload it so their lies can be proved false- but will they? No- because they are liars. I’ve never made one or done any of the acts. They’ll have a blonde maybe, but with my tattoo? With my height, of 5”2? With the scar on my ankle, and my very obvious moles? Doubtful, because I didn’t do it. 

And what can I do to prove that? Nothing. Stay off social media they say- don’t make it worse! Why? I have nothing to hide and if someone wants to stab my 1 year old girl, you can’t get ‘worse’ than that! At least this way, if I make the world aware of it, maybe they won’t dare because they know being caught is the only possible outcome. 

So I’ll blog about how freaked out I am while I finish the novel due out next week, and I’ll be up until the sunrise so I can breathe knowing that hubby is awake and watching over my babies. 

But I will NOT be that mother who lost her children, because she allowed herself to fall through a cracks of a justice system, where repeat offenders in Australia walk again and again to stab another day.

Thank you so much :) My first one, The Marked Ones will be going free next Thursday to celebrate the final book in the saga being released soon :)

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The Marked Ones

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